This JBL system is simple to set up but, delivers enough volume for an delightful dance party.  A microphone for announcements and a cable to connect your Mp3 device/player.  Additionally, it comes with one of our DJ Dance Light Bars to add excitement to any event.

This JBL System has Thump with A RCF Subwoofer and lots of Excitment with Two DJ Dance Light Bars.   Included in this package is a microphone and cabling to connect your  Mp3 device/player

This is our customer’s favorite Dance Party rental package.  Not only will it get your party dancing but, it has the power to cover a large venue.  This Professional Sound and lighting Package comes with four JBL Speakers, Two RCF Subwoofers, and Two DJ Dance Party Lights of your choice.  Additionally, you can connect your Mp3 device/player and your whole party will run itself.  Now that’s a Party!